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Input Integer Variables Values Into Text String


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Hi All,


I have read these boards and tutorials until my eyes are ready to fall out so in an effort to tap the experts I'm going to stick my neck out a bit and float this question. I have a rather simple macro need that I'm just not finding. I am using a text editor to input multi-line text values. This is what I have so far:


<IVAR2:01:02:FWhat is the column number?FFCenter:Center><VARSR:03><TEXTTYPE:N10TOTAL;C=CXXX'1/7'


N01 (7);C=C%N%'7';FAC=7

N01 (6);C=CXXX'6';FAC=6

N01 (5);C=CXXX'5';FAC=5

N01 (4);C=CXXX'4';FAC=4

N01 (3);C=CXXX'3';FAC=3

N01 (2);C=CXXX'2';FAC=2

N01 (1);C=CXXX'1';FAC=1








Very repetitive text input that I'm trying to speed up. I have set up an "Input integer variable" that prompts me for a numeric value that I would like to have temporarily stored and then have the XXX text strings replaced with the numeric values that I had just input. The prompt works but I just haven't been able to figure out how to have those XXX text strings replaced with the numeric values. How should I approach this? It would seem easiest to have the text replaced prior to its input into the text editor or is it not that simple? Do I need to create a seperate macro in the text editor for this purpose? Suggestions much appreciated!



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If you just need to type out the contents of the variable, is should look something like this below.


N01 (7);C=C%N7%;FAC=7

N01 (6);C=C%N6%;FAC=6

N01 (5);C=C%N5%';FAC=5

N01 (4);C=C%N4%';FAC=4

N01 (3);C=C%N3%;FAC=3

N01 (2);C=C%N2%;FAC=2

N01 (1);C=C%N1%;FAC=1

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