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Using "if File Exists" Command W/ A Wildcard.


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I have a macro that i use the "if file exists" command with a wildcard in the file name. I just came upon the documentation that states this command does not support wildcards. I don't seem to have had any problems running this macro, but i think i want to change it anyway. How can i have the macro check for a file with a wildcard and continue on. I have tried "wait for File Exist" but i don't want to wait. If it is not there then i want the macro to move on. Any suggestions?



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Technically, it doesn't support wildcards. However, since we used Delphi to create the program, there's a little "flaw" that will allow you to use a wildcard in the If File Exists command. When checking for the existance of a file, Delphi uses an API that accepts wildcards. That's why it appears to work in Macro 3.


That said, I can't guarantee that this will be workable in any future version of Macro Express. It depends entirely upon whether or not the Delphi framework uses a different API to test for the existence of a file.

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[*** This only works, of course, if Wilcards work with your planned "wait file exists" anyway?... do they?]

1. Is this the sort of thing you are asking? It allows you to set a time to wait in the "Text Box Display: timer"

Text Box Display: timer

Delay 100 Milliseconds

Wait for File Exist: "macex.000"


Wait Window Lose Focus: "timer"

If File Exists "macex.000"

  Window Close: "timer"

  Text Box Display:

End If

2. can someone remind me of a more elegant way to time out please; I know I've seen it somewhere.

Best, Randall

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