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Macro Chain Sometimes Stops After 3 Hours

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In the beginning of the Macro you want to run (Macro1), add a Macro Enable for "Macro2" at the very beginning of your script.


Create a "Macro2" macro, disable it by default, and set the Activiation to "Scheduled" and run it every "1 min" or whatever you want.


In Macro 2, add a command to "Macro Run Macro1". If your Macro stops, Macro2 will be enabled and will restart Macro1.

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Thanks for your reply cyberchief but still can't get my head round what you’re saying!

The little running man vanishes from the Task Bar and is not replaced by the Macro File icon. So are you saying that there is a short delay before the macro finally crashes and that it is possible to catch the macro and tell it to re-start ?


I should point out that the macro crashes after 2 hrs 45 mins every time and the running man then vanishes from the task bar and is not replaced by the macro file icon, if I restart the macro it will then run again for another 2 hours 45 mins....very odd but there you go.

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If your entire Macro program is closing down... there there is no way for a macro to restart. If I were you... I might send a bug report to Insight Software Solutions and tell them of the problem. Macro Express should not close on its own whether or not a Macro is "Aborted" or not.

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