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"wait For" Barcode Scan?


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Hi, everyone. I'm pretty new to macros so I apologize if this is totally obvious, or has been covered before.


I'm working on a macro to go with our library system software. Most of it consists of simple text typing. In the middle, we need to scan in the barcode on the library book, and then type some more text. I can get as far as placing the cursor in the correct field for the barcode. Then the staff member will scan in the barcode. Then I want the macro to type in *more* text after the barcode has been fully scanned.


Is there a way to make Macro Express recognize that the entire barcode has been scanned? I thought of using "Wait for Text", but while each barcode *begins* the same way (44091...), they all have unique digits at the end. If I say "Wait for Text 44091" will MacEx wait *only* until "44091" has been scanned, and then leap to the next step?


Thank you!

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You could try using the Wait For Control command using the wait for control to lose focus option. If that does not work, you could try using the method you suggested with a small delay after the Wait for Text command. This would allow the barcode entry to complete before the macro continued on.

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