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I am working in a program that will open up windows within the main window. It is an order application that we use. The main window's title, ORION, can be found and set to a variable. However, the windows that open up within it cannot. So I have been trying to use the Control functions. With the window within the window open, I use "Get Control"... Macro Express IS finding the controls that way... See pic below. But no coding works with it... Not for "Wait for Control Visable", "Got Focus", etc. It just won't find it. I am basically just trying to use these to set delays... When getting an order.. it can take anywhere from 30 Seconds to 15 Minutes. I can't hard-code the delay in there... I need to be able to use the windows or Controls. Any ideas?


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My first suggestion is to try getting the control a different way. The 'Get Control Using Text' option works better for some controls and not others.


But, some applications change the controls every time the application runs. The only way to make that work is to Capture the control while the macro is running. You would need to find the position on the screen and use the Capture Control command.

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