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Getting Rid Of Line Breaks

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I am using Macro Express 3 with our Flash chat window and am happy with the general operation and ease of use.

However when I send the nacros to the chat window, my chat username appears beside each line of the macro. This breaks up the picture.

I can insert the macro in another way so that it all goes as one entry instead of a group of entries, but then the picture gets mashed as the line breaks aren't there to organsie it.

I would love to find a way to insert the corrct amount of space to fill the line up automatically.

Does anyone know how this can be done?

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Generally, if there is a way to do it manually, it can be done with Macro Express.

Some chat software have special characters to create a line break such as Cntrl+Enter. You will need to check the help file for your chat software to see if this is available.


Another option is to determine the width of the chat window. By doing this, you can add the necessary spaces at the end of the line to move to the next line.


The last option is to design the art with your name in mind.

Name:    --------

Name:  /  |    | \

Name: |      \    |

Name:  \  \__/  /

Name:    --------

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