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Find Word On Webpage & Left Click On It


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Ctrl + F highlights the word on the button but 'Enter' has no effect, I have tried tabbing back and forward after using Ctrl + F but the tab function tabs to another area on the web page and not to the next in tab order.

If I tab to the button manually the 'Enter' works but I can't use the tab feature as the tab order continually changes as more or less fields are inserted or removed above the button. So is there any way of finding a word on a web page and left clicking on it?

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Here is what I had to do to get it to work.


Control Key Down
 Delay 3 Milliseconds
 Text Type: f
Control Key Up
Wait For Window Title: "find"
Text Type: for :<ENTER>
Alt Key Down
 Text Type: <F4>
Alt Key Up
Delay 1 Seconds
Text Type: <TAB>
Delay 3 Milliseconds
Text Type: <ENTER>


The code presses the Control+F and then waits for the Window Title "Find".

It then types for: and presses <Enter> to locate the first instance of the string "for:".

The command to press Alt+F4 is given to close the Find Window.

From here I press <Tab> to enter a text field, but you can press <Enter> or use a Mouse Move to Cursor command as well.

You may need to add delays between the Control Key commands and the text type commands (e.g. Alt Key Down, Delay 3 miliseconds, Text Type: f...).

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Thanks for your reply Jason. I found a way round it that works fine... By clicking on the nearest point above the button and then tabbing down the fields and saving the 'shortcut' from each field to a variable. The button had no shortcut so I set it to press 'Enter' when finding the first empty variable ;)

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