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Find A Variable Date


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I need to find a variable date within a Variable String... example... I need to look and see if there is a date of May 2006. It could be any day... and the date format is 05/15/2006. It could be any day within the month... I just need to find if May 2006 exists and do some functions if it does. Is this possible without using up a ton of variables?

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Here is one idea:

This sample has been edited to correct a mistake:

// Copy variable containing entire string to a work variable
Variable Modify String: Copy %T1% to %T90%
// Set T13 to ASCII char CR
Variable Set %T13% to ASCII Char of 13

// Set T10 to ASCII char LF
Variable Set %T10% to ASCII Char of 10

// Replace all CRs and LFs with a space
Replace "%T13%" with " " in %T90%
Replace "%T14%" with " " in %T90%

// Replace all periods followed by a space ". " with " . "
Replace ". " with " . " in %T90%

If Variable %T1% contains " 05/"
If Variable %T1% contains "/2006 "
 // Here: we know that T1 contains 05/xx/2006
End If

One refinement might be to test the characters between " 05/" and "/2006 " to make sure that there are 2 of them and that they are numbers.

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Thanks Kevin. Problem is that the spreadsheet I am working off of has mulitple dates... It can have up to 5 "05/" (for 2000 through 2005) and up to 12 "/2005". I think I have found a work around... I am just finding the first /2005, setting the interger, subtracting 6, and copying the 2 digit month to see if it equals "05" text. Thanks!

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