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Distributing To Others -- Player?


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Macros can be exported and shared between computers that have Macro Express installed on them, but Macro Express macros require that at least a licensed copy of the Macro Express Player be installed on the computer. The player can be installed by using the custom installation feature by unchecking the option to install the Macro Express Editor. You will most likely want to uncheck the option to not install the icons or quick start guide.

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Is there ever going to be a standalone player? Is this not even a consideration? I, for one, would love to have a means of creating macros to send out to others on my team to use in the field. In our environment, it's not realistic or desirable to have ME installed everywhere.


My group frequently goes out to deploy new systems for users, sometimes only 1, sometimes 100's -- even 1000's. We could certainly benefit from a stand alone to run from a flash drive on the new system for configuration or software processes.


I'm really shocked there hasn't been more discussion regarding this. :ph34r:

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I'm really shocked there hasn't been more discussion regarding this.
Really? Well it has been discussed and requested many times here in this forum. Most of us want a runtime version but I think one hick up is that in many places this would mean ISS wouldn't make as much money. For instance an office where one guy writes macros and the rest just run them. I've made the suggestion that there could be a runtime license at a much reduced amount but I don't know if they're seriously considering it.


I don't think ME could ever be a single zero footprint EXE. For simple macros perhaps but my macros do things like reading and writing to the registry and with malware software not to mention Vista's built in measures like UAC would mean a program really needs to be installed and properly registered with the OS. but I think it could be a Runtime version. MS does this for most Office applications and those are free.

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