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Selecting An Index On A Focused Control.


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Hello, I am testing macro Express to use with some applications and i have come across a problem that i cannot seem to complete.


I have a VB.NET console application with a combo box. I have amacro that grabs the combo box control, but.. i want it to set it to a particular index when grabed if not a specific index.


Program Launch: "StatusConsole.exe"
Get Control %C1% (Techs On Call - Current User: tech: WindowsForms10.COMBOBOX.app1)
Mouse Single Left Click on Control %C1%
Variable Get Control Text: %C1% to %T1%
If Variable %T1% <> "Available"
 Variable Set Control Text %C1% to "Available"
End If
Wait Window Lose Focus: "Techs On Call - Current User: tech"
Program Shut Down: "Techs On Call - Current User: tech"


Any help would be apreciated...

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