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Is it possible to add a new system macro? I want a macro (or system macro) that allows me to bring up the ME Script editor with a new Macro already added. Basically, I would like to use a Hotkey shortcut (Ctrl +Shft + Alt + A) to add a new macro. How can this be done? Thanks in advance!


Dan R.

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Even though system macros are internal to Macro Express and cannot be added, you can still create a normal macro to do the same thing. And you can use what ever hotkey you want. Ctrl+Alt+Shft+A will work just fine. I also suggest that you scope the macro to the Macro Explorer window so that it will not fire at the wrong time.

Delay 250 Milliseconds
If Window Title "- Macro Explorer" is on top
 Activate Window: "- Macro Explorer"
 Delay 250 Milliseconds
 Keystroke Speed: 35 Milliseconds
 Text Type: <ALT>ma
 Wait For Window Title: "Add Macro"
 Delay 250 Milliseconds
 Repeat Start (Repeat 7 times)
   Text Type: <TAB>
 Repeat End
 Delay 250 Milliseconds
 Text Type: n<TAB><ENTER>
End If

<MSD:250><IFOTH:03:2:- Macro Explorer><ACTIVATE2:- Macro Explorer><MSD:250><SPKEY:0035><TEXTTYPE:<ALT>ma><WAITWIN2:000000:000000:Add Macro><MSD:250><REP3:01:000001:000001:00007:0:01:><TEXTTYPE:<TAB>><ENDREP><MSD:250><TEXTTYPE:n<TAB><ENTER>><ENDIF>

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