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Import Problem "read Beyond End Of File"


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When trying to import a specific macro I get the error message "could not import macros due to the following error: Read beyond end of file"


I then went into the macro and tried to copy the commands into a new macro on the new computer. It didn't copy correctly. The original command line when pasted into notepad is:




This should have pasted back into ME as:


    Variable Set String %T99%"fbe"


Instead it pasted as:


    Variable Set String %T99%"fbe>"


This happened to all of the other TVAR2 lines as well. All of the other lines that were not TVAR2 copy over fine.


Any idea as to what is going on and how to fix it?

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Just found out that the 2 issues may not be related. When I was copy the command lines into Notepad I can copy them back fine. However when I send them through Outlook it removes a little box from between the fbe and the >.









So that is one mystery solved. I still am stumped with the importing problem though.

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The character in question is an ASCII SOH, used in many commands. you can see it from the Direct Editor, which, among other things, is used to view the native Macro Express language.


It seems that the macro you are importing (or the library itself) may be corrupted. Try exporting the macro as a playable and then import the playable.

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