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Question About Renaming Folders


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I i have a list lets say 700 names on it. in exampel win exel.


1 . My macro starts up a .bat fil and makes a folder.


2 . After this my macro gets in the exel list copys a name from there and goes to where i made my new folder....


Here is my problem!

Now i want to use the rename/folder funktion with the PAST or Ctrl v command with the rename/folder funktion. That paste the name from the list and renames my new folder.


Plz help

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Got a mail from

Insight Software Solutions, Inc



After you copy the name to the clipboard, save the clipboard contents to a text string variable such as T1. Use the Variable Set String command, Set Value from Clipboard option. In the Rename Folder command, insert %T1% as the New Name. This will insert the name copied from Excel.



Stan Jones

Insight Software Solutions, Inc.

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You might try something like this:


Change Directory/Folder: c:\name\of\directory\you\want\to\start\in

Copy value from Excel spreadsheet

Variable Set String from Clipboard into %Tx%

Program Launch: <.bat file that creates folder>

Delay 1 Second (I found that without this delay, the Rename Folder command executed too soon.)

Rename Folder: c:\name\of\directory\you\want\to\start\in\%Tx%

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