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Using An Excel Formula With Me


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I have a list I create and it lists doctor's name, except if a patient has already been discharged. then it says "automatic discharge". What I want to do is delete automatic discharge and replace it with the information in the same row in column aj.


right now I type in =row#aj and it replaces the text. then I have to copy and paste as just plain text because i then delete all the columns from about Z to AJ. for those of you who know Excel you will understand. If not, don't worry about it.


So my question is this: Can I make ME recognize the row? It changes everytime I download the document. I don't want to have to create a new row and write an IF statement if I don't have too ;) - Any help would be appreciated.



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Well, there's no magic to this. You need to work out how you would do this manually yourself (i.e. record the keystrokes you would use to achieve what you want), then you should be able to create a macro to replicate those keystrokes (and you'd need to allow sufficient pauses between different keystrokes to prevent your macro getting ahead of itself).

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Well, Paul you are right, except what I do now is scroll down until I find the text and then type =whatever row its on aj. So I was trying to figure out how to get the macro to recognize the row. But I just had an idea. I might be able to search and then replace it with an If statement. I'll try that - thanks - Renee

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This code is how you go to a specific cell in Excel. I used Cell A1 for this example:




Once you're in the first column of the row you want, highlight the entire row by using:




(If you have an empty column, this command will need to be repeated so the entire row is highlighted.)


A1 could easily be set as a variable so it can be adjusted on the fly.


I know this post is old ... hopefully it will help someone who has a similar need.



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