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ME works in the game I'm interested in. I've made all of 1 macros so far :)


What I'm interested in is a macro that monitor an ingame chat window and actions incoming text based on keywords. The action(s) would be a series of keystrokes. The sad part is I've no idea where to start to grab the incoming text.


Please point me in the right direction. If it helps I can capture a log file of this particular channel but that means the file is always "open" I assume.

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Can you capture the chat window text to the clipboard? Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C? If so, then you can save the clipboard to a text variable and create parsing macros to extract your target data.


For the log file, look at the Text File Begin Process / Text File End Process command construct to step through a text file.


You can also easily save a whole text file to a single text variable.

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Tnx for the suggestions


No, the text cannot be copied to the clipboard. I have found a crude way to accomplish what I'm looking by opening, clearing, and closing a logfile in a loop. Now I'm in search of a way to grab the first 8 characters of the last line into memory and use it as the starting point for the next action. Then the crude way can become elegant :)


Searching the boards now..

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