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Number Of Files In A Directory


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I have a situation where each submission by a group is done by creting a unique file and placing it in the group's directory. All of group directories are located inside a directory on the network somewhere. New submissions are being added throughout the day.


I need to get a count of each group's submission at the beginning of the day and again at the end of it. How can I do it? I have looked and do not see a way to count file names using any of the integer lines.

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Will this work?


* Create a blank text file

* Start a "Repeat with Folder" loop, set to look at each folder in the folder

-- Set %N1% to zero

-- Set %T2% to the group (folder) name

-- Start a "Repeat with Folder" loop, set to look at each file in the folder

+ Increment %N1%

-- End the "Repeat with Folder" loop.

-- Convert N1 to a string, and append to %T2%

-- Append %T2% to a new line in a text file.

* Move on to the next group folder


Now, you can read in the text file to get your group-folder names and the number of files within each group folder.

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