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I am very new to MacroExpress. I'd appreciate if you can suggest me a solution for the application described as follows:

a) we have an application A that shows names of users one at a time

B) we have to copy the name of the user flashed by A into a browser B and look up the information

c) then application A shows another name and the macro has to copy that name into B; the steps above are repeated ad nauseum


I am able to record a macro for one name flashed by A. However, I don't know how to repeat this process. Can anyone please help?




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Check out the Repeat / End Repeat command constructs. There are several. You would place your copying / pasting commands within one of these constructs. The logic flow would be something like this:

Repeat until whatever
  Activate app A window
  Copy field to clipboard
  Activate browser
  Paste from clipboard
  Process pasted field
Repeat loop

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