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Andy Dalton

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I know it's a small request, but is there any way to have a macro starting up and ready to be active upon the next available hour? I have a macro which I intend to run 5 minutes after the hour, every hour. It would be great to have it work from the moment I boot my PC instead of having it become active the hour after.


The way it operates at the moment is when I have a scheduled macro I have to specify a start time. Then it waits a whole hour and 5 minutes before coming active. It would be cool if it was just plain 'active' as soon as macro express was loaded up.


If I can't have it like that now, how about implementing it as a feature in later macro expresses? I'm sure it couldn't be that hard!

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I have not tested the following, but it should work just fine.


Create another macro with a single Run Macro <your :05 macro> command line. Set the schedule to Run on Startup.


When you reboot your computer, the newly created macro will run, which in turn, runs your scheduled :05 macro one time. And the :05 macro will continue to fire from then on at its scheduled time.

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Thanks for the tip, I haven't tried it yet since I have a laptop (which just goes into suspend mode and I doubt will trigger that macro).


Another problem I seem to have is:


The macro stops after midnight. No idea why, it just does! It appears the infinite loop is not quite so infinite after all!

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