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Shortkeys Evaluating Themselves


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I have just switched from the trial version of Shortkeys to the full version of MacroExpress, running on Windows XP. I have successfully imported all my Shortkeys into MacroExpress, but they don't work as well as they did in the ShortKeys program. All of my shortkey macros are activated by suffix keys - the punctuation characters such as space, period, comma, etc.


MacroExpress seems to be typing in the relevant ShortKey, but then it re-evaluates what it has just typed in. This results in meaningless gibberish.


For example, I have a ShortKey "e" which types in the word "and". I have another ShortKey "r" which types in the word "are".


Both these ShortKeys worked fine in the ShortKeys program. But one does not work properly in MacroExpress.


When I type "r", MacroExpress replaces it with "are", which is correct. Then it looks at what it has just typed in itself and sees the final letter "e" in the word "are". It decides to evaluate the "e" and replace it with "and".


The end result is that it types in the nonsense word "arand", which is kind of useless to me. :(


To make matters worse, it doesn't do this every time. Sometimes it makes this error, but other times it doesn't.


There are plenty of other words that MacroExpress messes up, but this is the simplest example that I could find.


I miss ShortKeys...

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Click on Options and then select Preferences. Click on the ShortKeys option on the left. If Prefix is selected without any prefix keys, the macro will fire off whenever it sees a ShortKey activation.


Your options are:

-Enter a prefix key such as ##. This will requre you to use the prefix to activtate the

the macro whenever you wish to use it (e.g. ##e to type out and).

-Switch to suffix activation. This will activate the macro after you press the Space or

Enter key, but will not launch if the letter is at the end of a word (e.g. e will be

replaced by "and", free will remain "free").


It is important to note that if an activation is found in a ShortKey, it will launch that macro at the end of the macro.

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