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Clipboard Pasting Problems


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A rare bug I have encountered when running macros that use the clipboard to paste text from text-type fields is that it will paste the contents of the clipboard before putting the text in the clipboard. I have submitted a bug report on this, however...


I was wondering if tinkering with the delay for clipboard pasting setting would resolve this issue at all (or if the delay only occurs after a paste, and therefore would have no effect). On the same subject, I was wondering if it is safe to lower the delay in order to speed up macros, or if there is a good reason it is a 250 ms.




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The default Clipboard Delay was set to 250 ms after extensive testing on many computers. Some computers may not need this much delay time while other computers might need more. Also, since Windows is involved, the minimum amount of delay time may vary depending on how busy your computer is. During my testing I found that I could not reduce the Clipboard Delay below 250 ms, even on my (then) very fast computer.


The Clipboard Delay is used any time something is copied to or from the clipboard.


If you are experiencing a problem then you should increase the Clipboard Delay time. If you reduce it, then you may find that you macro fails once every 10 times instead of once every 50.

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