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Poor Firefox Support


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Same thing with Opera, at least the last time I tried. I know nothing of Mozilla, but as far as Opera goes, it did not seem to "play nice" with the system-wide mouse and keyboard hooks. Netscape runs okay except for the Wait for Web Page command, which is meant to be used only for IE.

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AFAIK netscape and Mozilla (Firefox and Suite) are using the same engine.


But indeed some mouseclicks and movements aren't handled very well.

I'll make a request for better support/compatibility with Firefox, IMHO Firefox is way better than IE.


the Wait for Web Page command can be replaced with a wait a few seconds (mostly 2 or 3) command :P

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From the help file ;) :


Reset Hooks


It is possible for other programs which are run after Macro Express to improperly install themselves into the system wide Windows keyboard and mouse hooks. This causes Macro Express to no longer be able to monitor keystrokes or mouse movements and clicks.


This command will reinstall the Windows keyboard and mouse hooks used by Macro Express while your macro is playing so that Macro Express will have the first look at the keystrokes and mouse movements/clicks and be able to monitor them again. 

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I'm at work right now, so no access to the help file :lol:


hmmm sounds good! Maybe one problem less with firefox then! ;)


As soon as I get home, I'll look into it and let you know the outcome.


edit: Linda, I think your idea worked!


Without the Reset command I didn't get what I want after running a macro twice (every second time I got something different although the mouse was clicking the exact same coordinants!), with the reset command I do get what I want again and again and again! :)


Well, one problem solved ---> one to go! ;)


edit: well, my last problem with firefox seems to be solved! A few "wait time to elapse" commands did the trick!

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