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I have a repetitive task which I'm trying to create a macro for. The task is copying either 1 or many files and or folders and then changing drive letters, pasting them into the same location on the new drive, then moving to another drive and pasting them again in the same named folder. The problem being that sometimes the file or folders already exist and need to be written over. The files/folders very in size and I was wondering if I need an if/then to wait for the pasting process to be complete so the macro does not get ahead of itself.

ANy assistance would be muchly appreciated.

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I don't recall Macro Express getting ahead of itself when copying files. It appears to wait until the O/S reports the completed file copy operation.


I've used it to copy thousands of files, both large and small, in a folder to another folder without incident. I am referring to accounting files, programs, databases, tables, indexes, and so forth that are copied on a daily basis.


I set the Use Progress Bar checkbox in the File Copy command. Although it has no effect on smaller files, it does popup when copying larger files.

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Thanks for your reply Joe. The problem is I can't use the copy file command because I am copying different files each time. I might select 5 files from c:/folder and then copy them to the matching location on e:/folder and then again to g:/folder. Sometimes they are newly created files I am pasting and sometimes they are overwriting existing files. I presently I am just using CTRL C and V in the macro, then type "a" (in case the dialog appears "do you want to replace files - all) and then type "y" in case i am just overwriting the one file.

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