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I'm going through my ME Explained book looking for options. Half an hour last night and I didn't stumble across anything but I'm picking up the search again this morning. Meanwhile, maybe someone here will come across my post and be able to give me a quick and simple solution to the below problem.


I wrote a macro that along the way calls up a page (the bids tool in Yahoo Search Marketing) which only actually loads properly maybe 70% of the time. When it doesn't load properly I have to right click the running man icon, etc., and start over.


I'd like to insert in my macro a popup window that gives a choice then the macro proceeds appropriately.

Click YES - the macro continues on one path

Click NO - the macro gives focus to that page then sends a refresh then returns to the YES NO window while I wait to see if the bids tool window actually loads properly.


It seems to me I used something like this is one of my other macros but since I write macros few and far between I'm coming up blank.


The only other method I can think of using to automate a solution to this problem is to check on the page for the word "error" and if it finds "error" refresh the page, no "error" do the other. That sounds more complicated to me. Yes?


Any help appreciated.

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You could use the Multiple Choice Box to set a Repeat With Variable loop. The Multiple Choice box would need to have two options. A Yes and No. If the answer is yes, you could set variable N1 to 1, if the answer was no, you could set the variable to 0. As long as the varible equals 0 the macro will continue, but once it equals 1 it will exit the loop and continue on with the macro.

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