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I'm trying to create a simple Mutliple choice menu (not one choice but multiple one), and I can't make it work.


The menu should allow me to choose between one or more choices, and it works as long as i choose one choice, but when I click for more than one choice, it doesn't.


I would like to be able to apply different answers after selected them on my menu (text)


The help guide says about the Checkbox Menu:


This will display the choices in the menu. Place checks in the boxes next to your choices and click OK. The macro will continue based on your selection(s). More than one option may be selected. You will need to insert the logic into the macro so that it can correctly handle more than one choice selected.


My question is "What logic do I need to insert into the macro??" to just make it type not only one but more text that i set up on the menu?


Can somoene could give a simple exemple?



Variable set string %T99%

Repeat until %T99%="Done"

Mutliple choice Menu: Test <- Checkbox Menu (Multiple Choice) selected

If variable %T98%="A"

Text Type: Open the folder "W"

end if

If variable %T98%="B"

Text Type: Double click on folder "W"

end if

If variable %T98%="C"

Text Type: Wait folder to be open

end if

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