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Cant Install I/o Error ?


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Sometime anti-virus and/or firewall software can cause problems downloading a file. I use Norton Internet Security (NIS) on my main computer. Sometimes when I download the Macro Express installation file it fails with the message you describe. I temporarily disable NIS, download the file, and reenable NIS and the install works fine. NIS seems to have trouble with some versions of the Macro Express installation file and not others. And sometimes NIS on my computer causes problems but it works coreectly on another computer.


So, we recommend that you temporarily disable your anti-virus and firewall software just prior to downloading the Macro Express installation file.


We scan all installation files before they are uploaded. In addition, we digitally sign the files. When you download one of our installation files using Internet Explorer, the digital certificate is checked when you install it. You can verify that the file has not been altered by examining the digital certificate.


This is not meant to be an endorsement or criticism of NIS. We use different anti-virus and firewall programs on each of our computers allowing us to test our software with each one.

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