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Best Way To Generate Email In Outlook?


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I tried the default way to generate a new EMail. Unfortunately that does not store a record of that mail in my "Sent" folder in Outlook 2002. What is the cleanest way to (open/activate Outlook) and then (open a new email - addressed to one particular person - let's say my wife)? Thanks much, Rex

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Macro Express has a built-in email client. If the 'Keep E-Mail Log' option is enabled (found under Options, Preferences, E-Mail Settings) then Macro Express will keep a log of all messages sent via Macro Express. But, as you have noted, this log is unique to Macro Express and is not added to your sent email in Outlook or any other email client.


You can write a macro to send email from Outlook. The macro will repeat the steps that you manually do (type keystrokes, move the mouse, and click the mouse) to create an email. Your macro can launch Outlook by running 'outlook.exe' in a Program Launch command or by clicking on a shortcut . It can also use variables for the Subject and Body so the content of the macro can change each time you run it.


There is a way to use Macro Express to send an email to your default email client. To do this, use the Program Launch command and put this into the 'Program Path/Name' field:


This brings up your email client with the fields filled in. You then have to click the 'Send' button. You should be able to add some macro commands to do this for you.


The size of the email that you can send this way is very limited. If I remember correctly, when I tried this the allowed length was only a few hundred bytes.

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