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I've made a Macro A to Macro B. Macro A is the macro that you will choose your answer while Macro B is a macro that shows the result. I've used "Environment Variebles" to do that. The main point is, the first time I choose and it shows the correct results. Then the second time, I chosen another answers and in Macro B, it shows the latest result but added the old one together. Can I use "Clear Variebles" to fix this problem? I wanted it to be, when I launched the Macro A, all the Variebles will be cleared. So that, the problem that i facing will not occur. Can anyone lead me about the "Clear Variebles"?

Can even the "Clear Variebles" works on "Environment Variebles"? Thanks for guilding me so long. Thanks. Your help I will appreciate.

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I still can't erase it. After I've chosen options in Macro A, the "Environment Variables" saved. Even if I choose options start over again in Macro A, it still saved the old options together with the new one. How can I do when I choose in Macro A, it will erase all old one? And, the command :


Variable Set String %T1% ""

Variable Modify String %T1% to Environment Variable <-- (If i type nothing, it cannot be done.)

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