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Not directly. How would you type that from your keyboard? :)


Each program has its own 'binary' format to support font, color, size, etc. Rather than adding the ability to read and write Word, Excel, Word Perfect, WordPad, etc. file formats, Macro Express can automate the keystrokes necessary to select a format.


If you are writing a macro in Word, then you can click something like Alt-f (for the Format menu), f (for the font menu), c (for the color dialog), etc. (These are probably not the exact keystrokes.)

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How would you type that from your keyboard?


I was thinking of copying and pasting from text that is already formatted. Or perhaps there is a way to include formatting characters/text within a macro.


Such as in html <B> <i> <u> , <font color="#000080"> etc.


I am not at all familair with macro coding.





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When scripting the macro, you will need to use the Control Down, Control Up, Alt Down, Alt Up etc... They can be found in the Text Type command, or individually in the Keyboard Category of the Commands list.


I created the below code for MSWord:

// Bold
Control Key Down
 Text Type: b
Control Key Up
Text Type: the brown cow
// Bold & Italics
Control Key Down
 Text Type: i
Control Key Up
Text Type:  jumped over the moon
// Disable text formatting
Control Key Down
 Text Type: ib
Control Key Up

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