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Need To Determine If A Link Is On The Desktop


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The If File Exists command will work. Here are a couple of sample macros:


Simple macro to determine if the file is on the desktop:

// Get path to the Desktop
Set Variable %T1% to "Path to Desktop"
Variable Set String %T4% "SM56pci LtMoh.lnk"
If File Exists "%T1%\%T4%"
 Text Box Display: Found the file
End If

This macro types the names of all shortcuts on the desktop into Notepad.

// Activate or Launch Notepad
Activate or Launch: "Notepad" OR "notepad.exe"

// Get path to the Desktop
Set Variable %T1% to "Path to Desktop"

// Loop through all files on the desktop and write the filenames into notepad
Repeat with Folder
 // Get the file extension
 Variable Set From File Path
 Text Box Display: DEBUG T1 T2 T3
 // Only do this if the file extension is lnk
 If Variable %T3% = ".lnk"
   // If Notepad does not have focus, activate it
   If Not Window Title "Notepad" on top
     Activate Window: "Notepad"
   End If
   // Type the name of the shortcut
   Text Type: %T2%<ENTER>
 End If
Repeat End

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