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Sometimes My Macro Stops. But Where?


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There are several options.


Enable the 'Log All Macro Information' option in the macro's properties.

Enable the 'Log All Macro Information' in Options, Preferences, Playback.

Add a Log Errors command at the top of your macro.

Add one or more Log Message to Default Error Log commands inside your macro.


Each of these will make an entry in the log file of any error messages, including the failure of a Wait command. The pathname of the log file is found in Options, Preferences, File Paths under 'Default Error Log'. The Log Message command allows you to specify a filepath for the error log that is different than specified in the preferences.


Another approach that I frequently use is to add Sound Wave File commands inside the macro. I have a collection of sound files that I can use. Most useful are those that 'say' numbers and letters. 'One' 'Five' for example. Of course this only works if you are around to hear the sounds.

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