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First Macro Run Goes Wrong


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I have attached my macro.


First time I run this macro it goes wrong in line 49/50

move to 37,711 is ok and I can see it makes the line 50 mouse left click


But the 9 tabs repeat does not start from this point.


It's seems that the program does not reg. that the mouse have moved to 37,711.


I cancel the macro and runs it again, maybe 10 times and then there is no problem.


Is it the macro or my program??


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I cannot download your example macro. The kind folks at pgmacros.com are aware of the problem and are trying to find a solution.


Two things come to mind that may be causing your macro to fail.


You may need to add one or more Delay commands. Often, Macro Express sends things so fast that Windows and other applications cannot keep up. Try adding delays that seem to be much to long (3 seconds, for example) and see if the problem goes away. If it does, reduce the amount of delay until it starts to fail again. At that point, increase the delay.


Another possibility is the application itself. Some versions of the Microsoft Office products (Word, Excel, etc.) do not work correctly if you simply move the mouse to a specific location. If this is the case you may need to move to 33/700, 34/705, 36/709, and finally 37/711.

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