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Detecting If Character Is Tab, Cr, Lf

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Tied in with my macro in the "capitalize first letter" post, I have been trying to detect a tab, carriage return and line feed in a selected block of text spanning several lines using the If Variable statement. This would be used going through the block of text one character at a time eg If Variable %T3% = tab, cr or lf where %T3% is one character.


I found a way to enter the code to detect a tab by very devious means but have been unable to detect cr and lf. Anyone have ideas how to detect all three?

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maybe you could use the Variable Set to ASCII Char command to initialize a string variable with the character you're looking for and then compare this variable with yours (%T3%)


you should easily find a complete ASCII table but if I remember :

ASCII (decimal) code for TAB is 10

ASCII (decimal) code for Carriage Return is 13

ASCII (decimal) code for Line Feed is 10


never tried that so I can't tell you if it really works :P

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