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Has anyone ever used Adobe GoLive or a similar web-authoring program to generate HTML Applications (HTA)? GoLive doesn't seem to have anything on their help pages referencing these.


I am not too experienced in writing HTML and I need to create a HTA that gathers variables on one page - versus the ten it would take using ME's built-in capabilities. I saw the posting on the forum by Floyd back in Dec 2004 on these, but I am too novice to understand how to modify the code by hand into what I need.


Any suggestions are appreciated.



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Brad -


I've never used GoLive. Floyd created the HTA manually in order to show what can be done.


Macro Express has always lacked a multiple field input dialog, which is why Floyd dis what he did and does what he does. But a passing knowledge of html is needed.


I'm sure there must be a form builder out there that can do what you want. We might be looking for one ourselves shortly! Will let you know what we find.

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