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Problem On Domain'd Pc


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Greetings all you smarter-than-I folks!


I've been using M.E. for years now, and have grown very dependant on it. So much so, that I talk every new employer into purchasing several copies (for me and any other tech-savvy people in the group). Such is the case on my latest gig, where I've spent 6 months and have convinced them to buy. Unfortunately, just before it was finalized, they upgraded our PC's from Win2000 to WinXPPro, and now M.E. has "issues" which make it much less effective. So I was hoping I could find some help here in resolving them, so that the purchase can go through and I can get back my M.E!


Here are the symptoms that I've discovered so far:

1. Text Box Display always shows the text box size as 0x0. You can enter whatever values you like, it will still always show 0x0 when you go it to edit it.

2. Variable Set Integer with Random Number always returns a 1.

There are no errors reported on the installation process.


The PC is on a domain which I am not an administrator on. I AM an administrator on the PC itself (Local Group). A domain administrator came to look at it, and when he's logged on, it seems to function perfectly.


That's all the info I can think of at this point. If anything else turns up, I'll add it later.


Thank you in advance for any help you can give!


- Dayton - Tue. 09/12/2006 @ 15:10:44

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