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Explorer Closed For Security Reasons


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I use a Macro that allows to record MP3 streams from a station called Swissjazz:



Several programs are started and windows are opened. Among these is a MS Windows file explorer showing al songs already recorded. As the default setting of my file explorer has the directories on the left and the window with the content only on the right, my Macroexpress macro opens "views" and unmarks "directories" for the File Explorer named "D:\Irate".


Unfortunately very often I am getting such a message for closing my file explorer because of security reasons (inspite of the fact that Explorer.exe is listed as exception in my XP Firewall:



Any idea what could be wrong ?



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changed to zip as requested, but the download doesn't seem to work correctly,

so I added a link to the zip-files of my website.


XP evidently doesn't like ME work within the Windows file explorer.

Unfortunately I didn't find, where I can switchoff this stupid reaction of Windows.


But I found out, that it is possible to store an individual path into variable T1 at the beginning of my makro and simply use this variable for launching





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