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Confused By A Macro Suddenly No Working


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I am a longtime Macro Express user. My primary use of macros is in a Library Management Software System called "Voayger". I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar to what I am experiencing.


Several months ago I developed a macro that permits me to print a Voyager screen of information with a smaller Print font than the default font. It worked fine and I have actually sent the macro to others who have been able to use it without incident.


Today, suddenly, the macro no longer works. When I press the activation key (Ctrl-F12) the running icon shows up, but, as far as I can tell, the macro does not initiate any of the key strokes called for.


I have tried a number of things without success including the following:


Instead of using the macro from the file I usually have open, I opened another file that also contains the macro. When I run the macro from this file it works fine.

So, then I thought, OK, I'll delete the macro as it currently exists in the file I regularly use and then re-import it from the file from which I was just able to use it. But, when I did this, and tried to run the newly imported Ctrl-F12 macro, it would not work.


All the other macros that I've tried -- in my regular macro file -- have been working fine. I then wondered if I had too many macros in the file and that somehow this was having this wierd effect on this one macro. So I deleted a number of obsolete macros -- ones that I had deactivated, but had not yet removed. But deleting these had no effect.


Does anyone out there have any suggestions as to how to deal with this issue.



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Thanks to the one poster who suggested that I might have another macro with the activation key of Ctrl-F12. That wasn' t the case, exactly, but I did discover what the problem was.


The Ctrl-F12 macro not running was the result of another macro, with the activation key Alt-o (the letter "o") conflicting with the start of the macro I was trying to run (using the activation key Ctrl-F12)


The beginning of my Ctrl-F12 macro was a "Text type" command that started with "Alt-o". Apparently, when those key strokes were being executed Macro Express thought that it was being asked to run the macro with the activation key Alt-o.


This sounds like trying to run a macro within a macro. I was not aware of this being able to happen in this fashion. The way I would normally call up a macro to run within a macro would be to use the "Macro Activate" command and choose, from a menu list, the name of the Macro I wanted to run.


Anyway, when I deactivated the "Alt-o" macro, the "Ctrl-F12" macro worked fine.

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