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Clipboard Table Copy Problem


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I hope someone can help me simplify a problem I have worked around till now; form word, "clipboard copy" I think copies a table ok to paste later, but from another program i have with its own word processor inbuilt, a generated table willnot copy usin Macro Express "clipboard copy" command, nor sending "ctrl-c". if I do this directly rather than through macExp, it works OK in all versions of windows, 95, 98, XP, 2000!


Can anyone please help?


I presume there must be a diffence in the way MacExp copies to the clipboard than the way Windows does it, though the problem does not occur in Word!?


Best, Randall Clapp

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I would suggest to try and debug this further.

Write a macro with a hot key to do a copy to clip board.

Write another macro with a different hot key to paste from clipboard

Test them both out with notepad.

Then test the copy with your app and then test the paste into notepad.

If this works then the problem is with the paste rather than the copy.

Then manually copy some text from notepad and use the other macro to test pasting into your app.

This may not resolve but will help get more info.

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Thanks very much for your advice; I really needed someone to pull me into gear and do some testing, as you comment. I tried your specific macros for copy and paste, which worked perfectly! I then put a pause in the macros I was using and after about 20 tries realised that the problem occurred if I had tried to paste to Microsoft Word after the other wordprocessing component of the second program had closed! Now I simply make my macro copy sooner and go back to complete the previous tasks.


Is this a problem with any clipboard process anyway? At last I have the full table preserved with font, instead of just straight text, and I don't have to do all the further macros which were required to reformat!


Thanks once again for making me think clearly; I am very much a hacker in using macro express, and tend to run very much by the seat of my pants. Nevertheless it has been a great bonus to running various programmes for me.


Your sincerely, Randall Clapp.

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