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Passing Variables From Command Line, How?


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Hi everybody,


I am not able to pass any variables to my macro by command line. The help tells me I should use /VT1:something like;


d:\Usr\Jorgen\build.mxe /VT1:CcBase.dpr


Then in my macro the first I do is "Variable Restore Text Variables" and I print the content of the variable in a message box like;


T1: %T1%

T2: %T2%

T4: %T4%


The vars are always empty! I thought it was the macro that could not be ran like this, so I tried with running it with Macro Express executable as well:


e:\progra~1\macroe~1\MacExp.exe /MXE:d:\Usr\Jorgen\build.mxe /VT1:Test


That did not even run the macro at all. Can somebody explain to my why I cannot run a macro with passed variables? The help clearly states that it can be done.



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You can launch a macro in your macro file and pass variables to it. Macro Express does not recognize an attempt to pass variables to a playable (.mxe) macro. This works:


Create this macro:

Variable Restore All Variables
Text Box Display: Show Variables

Name the macro "Sample: Command line variables" (without the "s)


Create a shortcut on your desktop:

  • Right-click on the desktop
  • Click New, Shortcut
  • Type this in the Location field:

"C:\Program Files\Macro Express3\MeProc.exe" /ASample: Command line variables /VT2:Now is the time /VN1:156 /VD5:22.25 /VT1:This is T1

  • Click the Next button
  • Type a name for the shortcut
  • Click the Finish button

Click on the shortcut to run the macro

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