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We have a macro we want to run hourly. It will run perfectly 7 or 8 times then stalls. We will see that it has excuted but somehow after 7 or 8 times it will "miss" its mark in saving the file we are generating. We've been running it now for about 2 weeks and it always seems it runs perfectly for 7 or 8 hours. I'm repeating myself... something we wish the macro would do!! :blink:


Anyone else experience this bizzare behavior? Any ideas??

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Does this make sense???


After the macro runs about 10 times, the mouse moves enough so that it won't do a mouse move?


I have the macro written to move to a save button (there is NO pull down menu, etc.). If the mouse is moved, even though I have it saved to wait until it turns in an arrow, and it is an hour glass and not an arrow, it will not move to the save button if some how it has been moved. We are thinking of taping the mouse down on the desk. But this is crazy.


We did get it to run for 10 times, then it clicked on a backup file and tried to open it.


Should I write in to keep the mouse moving in small increments or something? - anything? Can ya tell we're frustrated!!!!

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