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Scheduled Macro Make Changes In Background?


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I think I'd really be a bit more efficient if I could just learn to use the Outlook Task window for my daily TODO list since I'm checking my email frequently but I can find no way to run the Task window simultaneously with the Inbox and Reading pane. So, I just cannot get in the habit of using it.


I just did a quick scheduled macro to run every hour, activate Outlook, run the keyboard shortcut to open the Task window then do an alt tab back to the originally focused window.


Yeah, this will work ok when I'm on the phone or doing paperwork but I can see it occasionally irritating me when suddenly the program I'm working on loses focus while the Task window is being opened.


I think I can live with this but is there a better way? Can the keyboard shortcut be run in Outlook via macro without bringing it to the foreground?

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Just a FYI to anyone considering a similar approach on their computer, it's been nearly a week and the macro has not created any problems.


I rarely see the update happening and even though it's a bit startling if I'm in the midst of typing something I've yet to lose even a keystroke.


Simple solution. Works great for me. I'm actually using a Task list effectively/regularly.

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