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Setting Variables From A Csv File


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Each time we run our macro we set variables from an excel spreadsheet (Database) to run the process. The method we currently use is pretty crude, we open up an excel file and copy the variables to the clipboard and then set variables from clipboard.


Is there a way to export the excel file as a cvs file and process using ASCII Delimited File Process. We tried to implement the ASCII File Begin Process using, Start Processing Record Value “%N1%” and Process Partial Records Value “1” but couldn’t get it to work the way we intended.


We’re hoping we can process that first row of the spreadsheet and then the next time we run the macro process the second, then the third, and so on.




Name Age State

Sean 25 NY

Steve 40 NM

Ben 15 VT



Each time we run the macro we would like to pull the data from a csv file so:


First Run:

%T1% = Sean

%T2% = 25

%T3% = NY


Second Run:

%T1% = Steve

%T2% = 40

%T3% = NM


Third Run:

%T1% = Ben

%T2% = 15

%T3% = VT



If anyone has any suggestions or code that does something similar we’d appreciate the help




:) Gabriel

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