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I imported a simple clipboard macro, that lets me use


Ctrl-1, Ctrl-2, etc Ctrl-9 as copy keys, and

Alt-1, Alt-2, etc, Alt-9 as paste keys



I am finding that these macros work great, BUT they dont work all the time!


Example: I'm copying names from a spreadsheet into different forms. I go through my Ctrl-1 to Ctrl-9 and paste them with my Alt-1 to Alt-9.


Problem is, in most cases only about about 6 or 7 of the 9 attempts work. The Alts seem to paste for all, but it's almost as if the Ctrl's only work sometimes.


At first I thought it was me, I was missing some or not hitting the buttons right, but time and time again this happens. It's not a specific one either, just seems like the Ctrl button doesnt always work with macros.


This isnt a program specific thing, regardless when I'm using these macros this happens here and there.


Any ideas?


Hubie the Newbie

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One issue I can think of is that the CTRL + key short keys are used by a lot of programs so we tend to stay away from that combination. Try changing the hotkey and see if it makes a difference.


Do you have exactly 9 pieces of data you need to copy and paste? Is there a reason you need to copy all the variables first and then paste all after?


If your data is organized in your spreadsheet and the fields on your form remain in the same location you should be able to automate the whole process so at the press of one button you export all the data from your spreadsheet.


I don’t have too much detail on the use of you macro but it may be quicker to copy and paste one variable at a time. I use this simple macro to copy data from one window to another (when the data is randomly distributed). Simply use your mouse to highlight the data you wish to copy > press the hotkey > move your mouse into the field of the form you wish to put the data and left click.


Good Luck

:) Gabriel


<CTRLD><TEXTTYPE:c><CTRLU><DELAY:1><ACTIVATE2:"Add your spreadsheet window name here"><WAITLM:000010000000><CTRLD><TEXTTYPE:v><CTRLU><DELAY:1><TEXTTYPE:<ENTER>><ACTIVATE2:"Add your form window name here">

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