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Error Using Macro Windows Behaive Stupid


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I am having a problem with one of my computer using macro, when i use macro for 6 or 8 macro commands after that suddenly nothing works and my windows behaive stupid. If i scroll the mouse with wheel the screen of word zoom in and out. Nothing works ...left mouse click on any file on desktop goes into its properties rather opening it. have to restart computer and then again after 6 or 7 times use of macro commands it does the same thing.

It appears to be useless for me on this computer.

Can somebody help me out of this problem?



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I can think of three things that would cause a Ctrl, Alt or Shift key to remain down after your macro runs.


This can be caused by a Ctrl/Alt/Shift key down macro command without a corresponding Ctrl/Alt/Shift key up command. When you save a macro, a warning is displayed if this is the case. But you may have the Ctrl/Alt/Shift key down command in one block of logic and the Ctrl/Alt/Shift key up command in another block of logic. If, due to some If statement the key down command does not run, the problem can occur.


If you have key down and key up commands and the macro is terminated between these commands, then a Ctrl/Alt/Shift key can be left down.


This can also be an indication that your macro is playing too fast. To a computer, the speed that a person can type is very slow. However, when Macro Express types, it is at very fast computer speeds. The number of keystrokes Windows and applications can buffer is limited. If you send 100 keystrokes very fast, some of them may not be processed because Windows and/or the application cannot keep up. If one of the keys that is processed is a Ctrl/Alt/Shift key down and one of the keys that is 'lost' is the corresponding Ctrl/Alt/Shift key up, then you would experience what you describe.

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Hi Strathos

You mean to say that I should add this line


at the end of every macro command that i am using?

Please explain a bit so that I don't need to press <CTRLU><ALTU><SHIFTU> all the time when it creates a bug.

I also tried to upgrade the version from v3.5c to v3.5e and its now giving me license error even I installed it in the same directory as per advised in the home page of upgrade of Macro express.

I thaught new version would fix this problem


Thanks for your help in advance

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