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I am trying to open up a web page and use controls to put in the user name and password. Why is this not working?


Web Site: http://www.website.com[Default Browser]

Wait for Web Page: "www.website.com"

Get Control %C1%

Text Type:("my user name") -----with %C1% chosen as control


This is for the password:


Get Control %C1%

Mouse Single Left Click on Control %C1%

Text Type:(my password)


This is all I have so far and it's not working.. It seems that when you drag the control "target" to the area of the webpage, it doesn't "highlight" the user name field nor the password text field

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Quite often, things that ought to be a control aren't! When navigating around web pages, I tend to use the Find dialogue to find text near the 'control" I want to use, then type one or more tabs to move the cursor to the relevant input box. For example, in my bank account web page I do this:


Activate Window: "Logon - Microsoft Internet Explorer"

Text Type: <CTRLD>f<CTRLU>

Wait For Window Title: "Find"

Text Type: Client number<ENTER>

Text Type: <ESC>

Delay 300 Milliseconds

Text Type: <TAB>

Delay 300 Milliseconds

Text Type: %T2%<TAB>%T3%<TAB><TAB><TAB><ENTER>


where T2 has been prefilled with my client number, and T3 with my password (using secure macros).

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