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I'm new to ME, and I'm new to this forum, so if my question has been asked before, throw a virtual tomato at me, and point me in the right direction! (And apologies in advance!)


I am primarily interested in two types of macro familes: repetition of key strokes (for text input in word processors), and work with graphics programs (where key strokes are important, but mouse work is too), and system maintenance. I'd like to address the latter two:


System maintenance


I tried out a macro for cleaning my PC system up; a combination of use of Norton's Utilities, a Registry cleaner, and another program that cleans out cookies and other stuff.


The operations here only requred use of a mouse, where program shortcut icons were activated, and yes/no mouse-click reactions were required.


The first run went well. For the second, I decided to swap the position of a program icon with another.


As expected, the macro clicked on the "wrong" icon during a second run.


Question 1: how can I ensure with capture, that the right program is selected?

Question 2: most reactions to the macro were expected. However, let's say that there is sometimes a "Yes" reaction needed, at other times a "No" reaction. For example, in running the cleanup macro the first time, all crud is removed from the PC system (for which the macro was constructed in the first place). Then, in a second run, there are no errors to correct. So a message like "There is no crud to be removed" would have to be responded to differently than in the former case, where crud was there. This, in this situation, an "OK" reaction or something similar would probably be required.


What methods are best for making up a macro in the above, two examples (Q1 and Q2). I'm thinking that in this instance, a mouse-action capture may be simple at first, but precarious in some instances (activation of wrong program, wrong reaction because of changed system parameters etc.)


Graphics programs



In work with graphics, I sometimes use a mouse only, but sometimes I have to input text and use a mouse.


Question 3: What macro procedure is best for "mixed" (here: mouse and keyboard) situations?


Thanks much for any info!


-- John

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What you want to accomplish is best done by creating a macro rather than capturing one via the built-in wizards. Check out some of the logic commands. If Window, Wait for Window, Window Controls, and so forth.


You and I know what to do by reading the screen. Macro Express can't read but it can test. Is this window up? Is the Control active? Has this process started? Ended? Is it time to make coffee? ... and so forth.


Start small. Review the tutorials. Review the samples. All of which will take some of your time, but the results of spending time now, will save you a lot of time, and headaches, later.

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