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This is still our macro we are trying to run continuously:


We want to make sure any open windows are closed before launching the first macro in our series. We're not sure how to do this because it could include several possibilities of windows that would be open. And we are not sure what the titles of the windows would be.


Anyway, is there just a shut down any window that is open? - Thanks - Renee

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Try using the Repeat with Windows: Place title in %T1% command. You can choose to have it return all windows, hidden windows, and visible windows. Something like this may work:

Repeat with Windows: Place title in %T1%
 Window Close: "%T1%"
Repeat End


You may find that some programs will not allow you to simply close their windows. For those windows you may need to use the Program Shut Down command. You may want to minimize specific windows instead of closing them. Try the Window Minimize: "%T1%" command.


You may also want to have a list of specific windows to leave alone.

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