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Getting Keyboard Hooks To Stick, How?


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I find that my MacEx short keys don't work when the suffix method is used. More specifically, I'll be in an active text field of another program and try to activate one of my MacEx goodies and (most of the time) it doesn't work. I find that if I open the MacEx explorer, open the actual macro, then play the macro with the green "test run" button, then go back to my text field, the macro will work one time via the shortkey, then it stops working again. I've tried "reset keyboard hooks" which sometimes helps, but only for one or two more uses. Is there a 'trick' to getting the keyboard hooks to 'stick?'


Thanks, steve

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If Macro Express is losing control of the hooks, it is because another program or process is actively blocking them. Things to watch for when shortkeys no longer run are:


1) What programs have been run when the ShortKeys stop working. Knowing which program is causing the problem helps us discover what the cause is.


2) Does it happen after a specific macro is run. Some macro commands have the ability to remap the keyboard or hold down hotkey sequences. Other times, the previous macro is waiting for something to happen, if this is the case, another macro cannot be run until the first macro completes. The easiest way to determine if this is the case is by the running man icon in your system tray.


3)Macro Express has been disabled or shut down. You can disable Macro Express by using the hotkey Cntrl+Shift+Alt+U.

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