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I use diff. macros.

All macros use the same program, where it sometimes has to type a password.

This password changes every month.


Instead of reset password in all my macros, can I then store the password in a variable, that never will be empty?


Then I only have to change this variable 1 time every month.

Or do I have to use a notepad.txt ??

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Unfortunately there is currently not a way to save a variable in this manner. You will need to set the variable from a text file that you can manipulate when necessary. You can place the text file anywhere on your computer. If you have multiple user accounts on your computer, you will need to insure that Macro Express will have access to that location with the user account that is used.

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I have a solution that I think is a little easier and more secure... Create 1 macro named "Password"... Select "no activation" for this macro. You can also password protect this macro. In the macro, set one command for your password as your variable string:


Variable Set String %T1% "Password"


In all of your subsequent macros that need this information, use the Macro Run Command:


Macro Run: Password



Now, when you need to change your password, you only need do this in your macro named "Password".

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The way that Cyberchief has suggested is the best option, but if you have multiple macros that use the same password, and you only want to change it once without calling a macro, you will need to save it out to a file that can be called by Macro Express. If you do decide to save it out to a file, you should consider using an inconspicuous file name. Do not name it password.txt. But I would highly recommend the option presented by Cyberchief.

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