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I want to be able to create 7 folders on the desktop(one for each day of the week) and when the days go by, a new one is created as the old one is moved to another folder.


How do I create the folders with a date on them?

How do I create the folders with todays date on the newest one and the 8th day moved to another folder?





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Thanks for your reply. I want you to know that I am not good with computers and programming language. If you can teach me like I was a newbie with plain and simple language, it would greatly be appreciated!


Here is what I have so far. I am probably far off, but I am trying real hard to understand this.


Date/Time: Save "ddd M-d-yy" into %T1% /

Create Folder: "C:\Documents and Settings\UserName\Desktop\Rates -%T1%"

Variable Set Integer %N1% from Current Day

Variable Modify Integer: %N2% = %N1% + 7

Move File or Files: "Rates -%T1%"

Change Directory/Folder: "C:\Documents and Settings\Gabriella Gennarelli\Desktop\Old Rates"


//Note: I want %T2% to be the next day or loop this somehow?????//



What is happening is that I am creating the folder correctly and when I change the system time/day for a week in advance to test it, it creates another folder, but it doesn't move the old folder to a a new folder called "Old Rates" I know I am way off, but I am willing to learn, buy your book and do whatever I can to get this, but it will take a while.



the purpose of this is to make everything as efficient as possible.


The way I am doing this is that I purchased/am using a program that strips attachments from my Outlook inbox and directs it to a folder called "inbox". I want to rename these files with wildcards and send them to 2 folders. One is the folder with the respective Lender name(I get many attachments from all kinds of lenders about their programs/rates). The other is the folder(s) I want to create on my desktop with Names on the folders: i.e."Rates %T1%"(with %T1% being the day of the month).


When an attachment comes in, the "date created" in the attachment will be sent to the date created for the folder.


I want to have a weeks worth of folders on my desktop with all 7 days of the week. I want to start the week off "fresh" which means on Monday the desktop is clear of all folders ready to start anew for the next week everyday adding a new folder for Monday, Tues etc. with the date on the folder, but I want the old folders(from the prior week) to go to an archive folder to be kept for however long I want them there.






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