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After working through all the helpful examples in this forum and in the book MacroExpressExplained, I got my macro to work, but I found a little quirk that I think is worth mentioning. The command that gets run by the Run Macro in Variable command is the Variable Modify String command. I noticed when the command was viewed in the direct editor, the variables are referred to with two digits (01, 02, 03 etc). If my dynamic variable had only a one digit value, the command needed a '0' preceding the variable name, or the entire program of Macro Express would crash! I ended up using a simple IF statement to write the command both with and without the extra '0' for single or double digit values of the replaceable variable, N1


Repeat Until %T1% <> %T1%

If Variable %N1% <=9

Variable Set String %T1% "<TMVAR2:09:01:0%N1%:000:000:>"


If Variable %N1% >=10

Variable Set String %T1% "<TMVAR2:09:01:%N1%:000:000:>"

End If

End If

Run Macro in Variable %T1%




End Repeat

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Yes. Most, but not all, of the sections within a Macro Express command are a fixed length. This can look real strange for coordinate positioning fields, which will accept literal, variable, and text values:


are all six characters in length.

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